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VHT Cast Iron Engine Enamel

£11.99 P997
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VHT High Temperature Plastic Paint Gloss Red (312g)

£10.99 SP821
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VHT Nite-Shades Black (283ml)

£10.99 P999

Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint Ford Flat Red (946ml)

£49.99 51636

Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint AMC Metallic Blue (946ml)

£49.99 51615
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Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint Buick Red (946ml)

£49.99 51635

Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint Ford Dark Blue 66-80 (946ml)

£49.99 51623
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Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint Oldsmobile Gold (946ml)

£49.99 51628
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Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint Pontiac Light Blue (946ml)

£49.99 51629
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Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint Universal Aluminium (946ml)

£49.99 51631
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VHT Gold Caliper High Temperature Paint (312g)

£10.99 P736
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Eastwood Calyx Manifold Coating (3oz.)

£37.49 11171

Eastwood Textured Underhood Black Aerosol

£25.99 54251
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Eastwood Textured Underhood Silver Aerosol 312g

£25.99 54283
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VHT Satin Black Oxide Case Paint

£11.99 P118

Eastwood Grey 2K Aerospray High Temp Engine Primer

£31.19 14932

Eastwood Silver Hi-Temp Coating (473ml)

£59.99 10175
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VHT Flat Black Flame Proof Very High Temperature Paint (946g)

£49.82 P456
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VHT Copper Gasket Cement (340g)

£11.99 P480
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Frost High Temp Contact Adhesive (1 litre)

£16.49 U191
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Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint Pontiac Metallic Blue Quart 946ml

£49.99 51630
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Dinitrol Corroheat 4010 Clear High Temperature Wax Laquer (500ml)

£19.00 S447
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Dinitrol Corroheat 4010 Clear High Temperature Wax Laquer 1L

£22.80 S448
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Eastwood 2K Aerospray High Temp Ceramic Engine Paint Gloss Black

4.50 out of 5
£34.99 14925
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Eastwood Brake Gray Paint

5.00 out of 5
£24.99 11756
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High Temp Paints

Search through a great range of High Temp Paint Colours from all the top brands at Frost Auto.

We stock High Temp Engine Paints, High Temp Paints for Exhaust Pipes, Radiator Paints, Brake Caliper Paints manufactured and supplied by top brands such as VHT, Eastwood, POR-15, Glyptal and of course yours truely 🙂

POR-15 High Temp Paints

Sourced from our friends across the pond we have POR-15 Engine Enamel. These beautiful enamel paints can be applied easily without leaving streaky brush marks to leave a smooth, high gloss finish that withstands the rigours of the engine compartment and one that helps prevent corrosion of the metal components. Containing 80% solid pigment (so less evaporation) this high temp paint provides a deep, rich colour and is formulated to match OEM standards. POR-15 High Temp Engine Enamels has a temp range up to 150°C and are available in 473ml pint-pot tins which is enough to do a whole engine.

For a guaranteed top high temp of 648.8°C – use POR-15 High Temp. This ultra heat-resistant paint won’t peel or flake and is extremely resistant to weather including salt and moisture. POR-15 High Temp is the most uniform heat-resistant coating available anywhere, and will maintain rich, brilliant colours without burning off or discolouring. Can be used on all cars, domestic or foreign…..It can even be used in Turbochargers! Can be brushed on or sprayed and is available in 15oz aerosols, 236ml and 946ml tins in 3 colours – Flat Black, Manifold Grey and Aluminium.

VHT High Temp Paints
For the ultimate high temp range, try VHT Flame Proof Coating. When you absolutely need the your application to withstand extreme temperatures, VHT Flame Proof Coating will withstand temperatures up to 1093°C (2000°F) and is ideal for use on headers, exhaust systems, or wherever an extreme temperature coating is needed. This unique coating is a matte finish, silicone ceramic base widely used by the automotive industry on exhaust systems and the aerospace industry for jet engines. VHT Flame Proof High Temp Paint is available in 11oz aerosols and comes in the following colours:


VHT also produces an Engine Enamel which has excellent durability and superior heat and chemical resistance. Specially formulated to withstand corrosion, rust, salt spray, chemicals and additives of today’s petrol blends and degreasers. With a max temp of 550°F (288°C) VHT Engine Enamel is made from a unique blend of urethane and ceramic resins, which produce a tough and long-lasting finish for engines, engine accessories or wherever a tough durable heat or chemical resistant finish is needed.
Available in 11oz aerosols this high temp paint is ideal for Headers, Engine Blocks, Starters, Brackets, Water Pumps, Valve Covers, Transmissions and Differential Covers and is available in the following colours:


Eastwood High Temp Paints
Another of our Top USA Brands brings us a Ceramic Engine Enamel that provides a beautiful factory-look finish that is super-durable and will withstand temperatures up to 650°F (343°C), this high temp ceramic coating is the highest temp range in the industry. Developed using the latest ceramic nano-technology integrated with silicone alkyds, this is the new standard in engine coatings. Each colour is replicated after the original colour for that deep rich factory look. Can be brushed on or sprayed on and is available in 946ml tins in the following colours:


Eastwood High Temp Paint