MPEX® Glass Fibre Filler (1KG)

£13.00 B252
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Dinitrol 6030 Metalised Body Filler (2 kg)

£26.99 B250
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Hardener for Dinitrol Metalised Body Filler (50g)

£2.99 B251
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Padded Dash Filler to Repair a Padded Dashboard / Vinyl and Plastic Restorer (9oz)

£44.99 S620
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Eastwood Contour Premium Body Filler

£29.99 14757

Hi Temperature Lab Metal Filler – Ready-to-use Metal Repair and Patching Compound (24oz)

£109.99 10288
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Fast Patch

£34.99 R250
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Frost Plastifill – Bumper and Plastic Repair

£9.99 B270
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QuikSteel Steel Reinforced Epoxy Putty – Metal Instant Repair Filler

£7.00 S580
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Flexible and Universal Plastic Filler Spreader 70x106mm (Pack of 10)

£4.99 B265
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