How do I use Frost Stay Cool?

One of the contributing factors to overheating is using a high percentage of anti-freeze, this inhibits the effectiveness of the coolants heat transfer abilities.

Frost Stay Cool can improve heat transfer, making a faster warm up and better cooling – up to 15°C reduction in engine operating temperature. It also contains a powerful anti-corrosion agent, very important with aluminium, steel, cast iron and bronze engine metal mixes, should be used in all engines.

Stay Cool does not contain damaging Ethylene Glycol but can be combined with antifreeze.

It is recommended that only a 25% fresh antifreeze solution is used with about 3% Stay Cool solution, this will ensure that there is a better heat transference and effective corrosion inhibition. Specifically, the mixture content of the Frost Stay Cool should be between 2 and 4%.

– Below 2% will not give the protection you require.

– Above 4% can start to give adverse effects, if used in much higher concentrations it can actually promote corrosion.

It is difficult to give a straight advice on useful life as it depends on the present condition of the cooling system / engine and the length of time the car is used. However, for maximum protection, we would recommend that the coolant need to be changed each Autumn in an older car but in a modern car it could be left for two or three years.

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