Before applying ElastiWrap, ensure surface is thoroughly prepped. This is essential for proper adhesion and easy removability in the future.
Start by washing the surface with soap and water, then dry completely. Next, apply Eastwood’s ElastiWrap Surface Prep (2 FOR 1!), working only one panel at a time. Apply the Surface Panel Prep directly to the surface, use a dry rag or lint-free towel to wipe it off. This helps to lift and remove any remaining grease, oil or other contaminants, while applying a thin layer of wax over the surface so that ElastiWrap will stick when you want it to stick and strip when you want it to strip.

Just as you would if spraying the vehicle with automotive paint, ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free of dust or other contaminants before applying Elastiwrap.

If applying ElastiWrap to wheels without removing them from the vehicle, be sure to tape over the lug nuts and drape plastic sheeting or masking paper over the entire fender and any other nearby body parts to prevent overspray from landing there. To mask behind the spokes, bunch up an ample amount of plastic sheeting, or just use a regular household garbage bag (cut a slit half-way down through the middle of the bag for better coverage all the way around), thread it back between two spokes, then spread it out to protect calipers, discs and other brake parts.

AEROSOL APPLICATION Shake can thoroughly. Holding can 8-10 inches away from the surface, apply in even, side to side coats, allowing at least 10-15 minutes between each coat.

Continue applying, even after the surface is fully covered and opaque. At least 5-6 coats should be applied. For optimal results, wait at least several hours (at 70°F and 50% humidity) for ElastiWrap to fully dry. Wait at least several days before washing or heavy handling.

Remember to clear the nozzle after each application by turning the can upside down and pointing away from yourself press down and wait for the nozzle to spray clear.

Elastiwrap & Liquid Wrap

Elastidip Surface Prep and Panel Cleaner Aerosol (BOGOF)

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£7.49 S810
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Elastiwrap GLOSS CLEAR Rubber Coating US Gallon (3.78L)

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Elastiwrap METALLIC GREY Rubber Coating Dip Aerosol **3 FOR £24.99**

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Elastiwrap METALLIC GREY Rubber Coating US Gallon (3.78L)

£82.49 S850MGREY
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Elastiwrap SILVER BULLET Rubber Coating Dip Aerosol **3 FOR £24.99**

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Frost Liquid Wrap BLACK Rubber Coating Dip Aerosol

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