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Frost Aerosols

MUST-HAVE Aerosols!

Have a look at our large range of aerosols! You will find everything you need to paint, clean, degrease, lubricate and protect your vehicle at affordable cost.

  • Very good value for money
  • Easy to use




Keep up the appearance of your vehicle with these easy to use aerosols.

The specialist cleaners make easy work of glass, brakes or carburettors and the C305 lifts the worst caked-on grease.



Use M620 to prevent threads seizing or rust corroding mating surfaces, M135 for general lubrication eg door hinges, while N320 will loosen the most stuborn bolts.


Fast drying acrylic paints giving a great finish, while painting small areas or wheels simple. These aerosols are easy to use with excellent coverage. 500ml.

Protect your battery terminals with E345, your uncoated steel with V157.

Frost Liquid Wrap is a flexible rubber coating applied to the vehicle in numerous spray coats (no dip) in order to build up to a professional finish.

Easy to apply, strong but also peel-able. Designed to be sprayed on so you don't need to use any extra thinners to give you the thin, air brush finish!



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