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Zinga Cold Galvanising System - Anti Rust / Corrosion Zinc Coating (500ml)

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Zingaspray has all the advantages of the original Zinga in an easy-to-use spray can. It can be used for repairing galvanising or products previously treated with Zinga.

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Zinga is not paint. It is a pure zinc coating (with no pigments or extenders etc) and it will physically galvanise a car body or chassis and provide a great many years of protection against rust in any form. All conventional 2K automotive paints as well as basecoat or clear automotive paints can over coat Zinga. It can be primed with all standard 2K primers.

Zinga Cold Galvani Zinc Coating is a one-component anti-corrosion zinc coating system which contains a minimum of 96% zinc in the dry film. Its unique formula provides environmentally safe cathodic protection to steel comparable with hot-dip galvanising, with the added advantage that it can be applied as though it were a paint.


  • Longer protection than hot-dip galvanizing applied to the same thickness
  • On site application by brush, spray, aerosol or dip methods
  • Can be applied on top of existing galvanising, existing or damaged Zinc thermal spray or a previously applied layer of Zinga
  • Can be overcoated with most topcoat systems
  • More than double the service life when used as part of a 2 stage system. E.g Excellent primer before overcoating  with powder or 2K paint products
  • Good resistance to mechanical abrasion
  • Excellent adhesion over grit blasted steel
  • Extremely flexible
  • Can be applied in extreme temperatures
  • Weldable to X-ray quality
  • Certified as non-flammable
  • Unlimited shelf-life and unlimited pot-life

Also Available: 500ml aerosol spray, 1KG Coating, 5kg25kg

CAUTION:  When using cellulose or solvent-borne acrylic automotive primers, the Zinga cold galvanising system must first be sprayed with a water-based barrier coat.

Zinga solve is the recommended thinner to be used with Zinga Cold Galvani Zinc Coating when spraying. It can also be used for cleaning when using Zinga.

Coverage: In practice, the quantity of Zinga required to coat a given area is dictated by both the required dry film thickness (DFT) and the depth of the blast-profile.

As a guide to coat 1m2 of steel with a Blast profile of 60micons Rz, at a DFT of 60microns (with no wastage) will require 0.41kg of Zinga.

Or coverage equates to 2.41sqm per 1kg of Zinga.

Read: "How ZINGA Works" from Technical Articles for more infomation

Zinga Trouble-Shooting Chart


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