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All you need to know about XCP



Built on years of experience in demanding industrial environments, the XCP™ Professional range delivers market leading performance in an easy to understand range of products. For use across a wide range of applications, tools and equipment, trust XCP™ Professional to provide the highest standards in maintenance, lubrication and corrosion protection. You will find the XCP™ products used in a wide range of markets and applications, especially in
Automotive, Motorcycle, Marine and Aviation.



XCP Rust Blocker is a soft, anti-corrosive compound. It creates a soft, long lasting protective barrier to protect any steel, metal or alloy surface against the effects of rust and corrosion. Spray it, wipe it, brush it or dip it. A soft tack, that resists cracking. Depending on the level of protection required, coating thickness can be further reduced by buffing down if necessary. The bonding of the film with the metal surface will ensure market leading corrosion resistance. If used on coated and/or non-metal surfaces and parts, test on an inconspicuous area first.

Exposed metal surfaces, including engine components, suspension units, undercarriage, box sections, chrome, chains, electrical connections, motors, shafts, spindles, as well as tools and equipment for shipping and storage, and many more! Provides excellent aluminium protection against galvanic corrosion.




XCP ONE is a high performance multipurpose penetrating spray designed to penetrate, lubricate, displace moisture, as well as clean and protect against corrosion. It delivers maximum performance across a wide range of applications. It is the only maintenance spray used by The AA(Automobile Association), and beats WD-40 and other market leaders when compared on loosening and lubricating (as measured by the force required to loosen a treated rusted bolt and by lubricants four ball wear test procedure ASTM D 4172).