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Westfield Cars


Westfield sports cars manufacture both kit cars and factory built versions of several two seater open top sports cars. The Lotus Seven Style Kit is their main production line, which contains only the bare essentials, giving the driver the rawest and most exhilarating driving experience. Westfield car kits employ the same glass fibre body method as Lotus has used on their more recent models such as the Elise, Elan and Esprit.

The Westfield range of cars has pioneered technical innovations into both their kit cars and production line cars over the years. Their independent rear suspension and wider chassis has been one such improvement that has been since adopted by many other manufacturers. According to Total Kit Car magazine, Westfield cars produce over 400, SEi and XTR, chassis each year.

Westfield Cars produce kit cars for both the experienced and the novice kit car builder, providing enthusiasts with a set budget and the ability to source their own components.

The company has recently announced that its new versions of its 7-style kit cars will be made using donor parts from the popular production car, the Mazda MX 5.

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