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Frost Shrinker / Stretcher Combo (1 Body, 2 Jaws)

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Without a doubt, the the Shrinker/Stretcher is one of the most versatile sheet metal working tools you could hope to find.

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Without a doubt one of the most versatile sheet metal working tools you could hope to find.

The Shrinker / Stretcher will quickly and easily pull shape into either steel up to 1.2mm [18g] or aluminium up to 2mm [14g].

Use it to fabricate repair panels anywhere on your car but especially those awkward areas around headlights, around the edges of window frames, door edges, rain channels, wheel arch rims etc.

With the Shrinker/Stretcher you don't need to cut-and-weld in order to create curves in angled sections - simply shrink or stretch the metal into smooth even curvatures in a fraction of the time.

Produces radii as small as 76mm [3inch]. Body has two 3/8 UNC threaded holes for bench mounting or bolt it to a piece of heavy angle iron for quick mounting in your vice.

Set includes one body, one handle, and two jaws. Complete with instructions.

Also available with two bodies and two jaws

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Pleasantly Surprised!Review by Michael
I purchased this machine with a couple of other items (Mallets and so on), because I am fairly new to the Metal and Panel work scene and it was a nice surprise when I received the Shrinker Stretcher to see that it has taken up nearly no room at all in my little work area. I was going to purchase the other kit but was reluctant to due to space. Although now I have more room than I thought I would I can purchase some more 'Toys' for my Workshop. The Machine itself is great and easy to work with, also swapping the Jaws is simply done which is another perk to this, what seems to be a great buy! (Posted on 14/10/2014)
Brilliant!Review by Andy
Bought this as a replacement for my reliable unit which packed up last month. Great for both shrinking and stretching. The more expensive model seems better value for money as it comes with two bodies so you do not have to change the jaws. however as I am on budget, I though I will go for this. Changing the jaws is simple enough anyway.

Highly recommend this set as it is great value for money! (Posted on 03/10/2014)
Rather poor quality, not very effective and hard workReview by Andrew
I am disappointed with this piece of equipment. On opening the box it did not strike me as a quality item. The construction of the main body is heavy and robust, but the jaw holder and the lever mechanism are very 'rough and ready'. That would not matter if it functioned well. Unfortunately it does not. I have used the shrinker jaws on 1.0mm and 1.2mm mild steel sheet. This material is quite soft, but I found that the jaws did not grip the surface of the sheet and the gripping serrations on the jaws quickly lost their 'tooth'. (I did not make the mistake of operating the machine empty and put a small piece of sheet in the jaws when not in use.) On looking closer I saw that the top shrinker jaw mostly lost grip on the work and just skidded across the material, leaving only the bottom jaw gripping (and therefore fighting the top jaw). Reversing the jaws in the holder did not cure the problem. I did manage to shrink a couple of curves (one on 1.2mm and one on 1.0mm sheet), but it took a long time and a lot of effort.
The handle attachement is very poor. It is a sloppy fit in the socket and the socket screw used to retain it is awkwardly placed in the underside of the hinge area. In operation the handle wobbles in the socket and can work loose and come out.
I have not tried to use the shretcher yet. There is no brand name on this item. I suspect it is a cheap copy of an Eastwood machine. I now wish I had bought an Eastwood or Lazze machine. Using the machine, I think I will still have to use cut and weld to get the result I want. (Posted on 26/09/2014)

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