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Executive Presentation Set

£14.99 N633
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Frost 19mm Pouring Spout Fuel

£43.19 N703

Frost Cool Bag

£5.99 N629
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Frost Panel Wipe Liquid 1LTR C234

£12.99 C234
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Frost Pen

£1.99 N626
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Frost Tar and Glue Remover 1LTR C236

£12.99 C236
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Frost Torch Key Ring

£1.99 N627
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Frost Travel Mug

£9.99 N632
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Frost Xylene Paint Thinner and Cleaner 1LTR C233

£11.94 C233
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Heavy Duty Multi 5″ Jaw Rotating Combination Pipe & Bench Vise

£139.00 BY280

Frost Shrinker / Stretcher Set (2 Body, 2 Jaws)

£199.99 £149.99 F400
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Chamois, Cloth, Towel Wringer – Perfect For Hand Car Washing

£99.99 £79.99 V208
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POR15 Motorcycle Fuel Bike Tank Repair Sealer Kit

3.75 out of 5
£49.99 £37.49 S215
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Ethomix Ethanol Corrosion Inhibitor Additive (250ml)

5.00 out of 5
£11.99 £10.79 Z555
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Frost Complete Shrinker Stretcher (2 Bodies, 2 Jaws) with Foot Operated Stand

£379.99 Y180
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Monument Beech Chase Wedge (50mm / 2in)

£13.98 F340
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Monument Beech Chase Wedge (63mm / 2½in)

£16.98 F342
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Frost Classic 1905 Black Jacket with Embroidered ‘Restoring Faith’ Tagline

£59.99 Frost-1905-Jacket

Sheet Metal Hole Punch / Hole Cutter (3/8)

£15.49 G130-3/8PUNCH
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2 Mild Steel Sheet Metal 0.7-0.8mm Thickness (Approx 605 x 330mm)

£8.99 N698
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2 Mild Steel Sheet Metal 0.9-1mm Thickness (Approx 605 x 330mm)

£9.49 N701
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POR15 Top Coat Red Oxide (946ml)

£37.99 P46704
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POR15 Top Coat Safety Green (946ml)

£40.00 P535
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Superbright Zinc Plating Complete Kit with Blue & Yellow Passivate


Frost Professional Oval Panel Beating Leather Sandbag for Metal Forming (11 x 8.5 inch)

£39.99 F227
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