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Whiteside 40″ Fully Padded Adjustable Headrest Creeper

£139.99 MTLV6ADJP
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Whiteside 40″ Fully Padded Creeper

£119.99 MTLV6P
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Whiteside Large Padded Shop Seat

£149.99 HRS

Whiteside Mechanic’s Seat

£89.99 SPP25B
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Whiteside Mechanic’s Seat with Swing Tray

£109.99 SPP25DTB
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Britemax All in One Cleaner, Polish and Wax 16oz (473ml)

£14.99 V520
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Britemax Clean Max Concentrated Ph Balanced Shampoo and Wax (946ml)

£11.99 V525
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UberMax IncREDible Drying Towel / Car Cleaning Cloth

£11.99 V215
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