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Griots Rinseless Wash & Wax 16 fl oz - 473ml

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Short on Time? Short on Water? Here's a great way to get a fast-and-easy wash in your garage or driveway without rinsing.

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This breakthrough technology will leave you speechless when you stand back and smile having achieved a perfect wash in 1/4 the time it takes to wash a car normally. Rinseless Wash & Wax is so efficient that you can wash a car or RV anytime, anywhere, indoors, or outdoors. With its perfect blend of hydrophobic polymers and carnauba wax, you get jaw-dropping paint while also enhancing gloss and protection..

  • Griot's High quality detailing Wash & Wax is ideal for Classic Cars where you shouldn't spray water into known rust-prone areas never to be seen again, indoor garage washing, apartment dwellers, and regions where hose-and-bucket washing is restricted. Simply add 1 ounce to 2 1/2 gallons of water (320:1) in a bucket, soak our Microfiber Wash Pad in the solution, and glide it across your paint. .
  • Then dry immediately using a PFM® Terry Weave Drying Towel. It safely cleans all exterior surfaces, including paint, glass, wheels, door jambs, glass, clear plastic, chrome, trim, rubber, and more..
  • For heavier contamination, pre-soak surface with Rinseless Wash & Wax at a 15:1 ratio via the available Dilution Bottle..


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