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TRIED 'N' TESTED Frost Liquid Wrap

(Words and Photos: American Car Magazine, November 2014 issue)

Spray on/peel off paint has become all the rage of late, with rubberised paint solutions becoming a common option for those looking for a fresh hue to adorn their cars. Frost has entered the market with its simply titled Liquid Wrap, a paint that can be sprayed on and then, when the time is right or when a change is fancied, it can be peeled off.Frost Liquid Wrap

We thought we’d give it a go by putting it to the test on one of the most hard-working parts of the car – the wheels. To apply it, all we had to do was make sure the wheel was clean (we washed them then used a spray-on panel cleaner). No primer or anything like that was needed, just a clean surface. The paint went on effortlessly, and once we’d learned to be patient with the application, it went on without runs or blemishes. We chose gun metal grey, that way, if it wore through or failed in anyway, it would be easy to spot the silver wheel peeping through.

After being on the car for three weeks, raking up over 1,000 miles, we’re pleased to report that the wheels still look as good as they did at first application, if maybe a little dirtier. The paint hasn’t worn, nor has it faded or ripped. We’re confident it would last a lot longer.

In terms of removal, it was a doddle. Just scratch a little bit back and then from there you can pull it off in big sheets, much like when you put PVA glue on your hand and let it dry for a bit (we can’t be the only ones who did that in school?).

Now, while we know you’re not likely to use this product to paint your entire car, it’s worth noting that there is a clear ‘vanish’ type available that embodies the same principles. So, you could use it to spray the front of the car’s wings and nosecone, then motor on safe in the knowledge that you’re cheaply and effectively protecting it from stone chips and other damage – well worth the price to us. A great product that could work wonders to protect your Yank, but some skill is required.

Liquid Wrap On Press (Original Post):

Frost Liquid Wrap on Press