Frost Auto Restoration Techniques Ltd has always been focussed upon providing excellence in service provision (both in our physical and virtual relationships) with our customers, suppliers, colleagues and our business partners.

We never underestimate the value of our relationship with you and importantly, the trust you place in us. Although we collect and handle personal information relating to hundreds of people every day, looking after each individual equally has always been where we focus our efforts. This means that the whole of the Frost team take our responsibilities regarding your personal information very seriously.

Whatever your relationship with Frost, we promise to continue to have your individual privacy interests at the forefront of our service to you.

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Being transparent is right at the heart of our mission to be the UK's Most Trusted Auto Restoration Retailer.

We’ve produced this Privacy Centre to make it easy for you to see what information is collected about you, how we use it, how long we keep it and how we protect it.

Just click Your Information for full details.

We will only use your Personal Information for the purposes we’ve told you about in our Privacy Notices, which you will find by clicking on Your Information.We can’t – and won’t – use it for any other purposes without your permission, unless we have a legal right or a legal obligation.
The Information we collect about you depends on the services you choose and where and how you shop – whether it’s in-store or online or via a social network platform request form.
We do what we reasonably can to check the Information we collect is accurate and to keep it up to date.You can update your own Information, such as change of address or contact details, by logging into your Frost Shop or Frost Hub account.If you do spot a mistake in your Information, you can call us or write to us to ask us to correct it. You’ll find our details in Contact Us.
We have a Records Retention Policy that sets limits on the length of time we keep Personal Information. The periods vary, depending on the type of information and the reason we are using or keeping it.As a registered customer, your contact data will be kept for as long as your account is in use. Your Frost account retains all of your purchase history - so it's in yours and our best interest to retain your information for the lifetime of your registration.You can of course at any time request the deletion of your account. At which point your personal information will be anonymised or deleted. We will only retain sales statistics and analytics brought about by the purchases you have made.
Keeping Information secure is a priority for Frost. We apply Security Standards to our computer systems and networks and monitor for external and internal threats and attacks.Access to your Personal Information is restricted to Frost colleagues who need it to perform their job.Where practical, we anonymise your personal information so that people who access it will not be able to identify you unless they need to for their job.
For details of your Privacy and Personal Information rights, click on 'Your Rights'.
You can raise any concerns you may have about our handling of your personal information by writing to our Data Protection Officer.If you are not happy with the outcome, you have the right to raise your concern with the Information Commissioner’s Office.Click on Contact Us for details.