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POR15 Basic Big Fuel Car Tank Repair Sealer Kit

Product Code : S209

Use POR-15 Fuel Tank Repair Kit to create a new tank inside your old one. This kit will seal up to 18 US Gallon tank / 15 UK Gallon (68L)

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Product Description


Seals Tanks against fuels Containing ETHANOL.

Please note this kit does not contain the Fuel Preservative and Stabilizer or foam brush

Use POR-15 Fuel Tank Repair Kit to create a new tank inside your old one. A leaking petrol tank can be lethal, welding a tank is suicidal - this kit will put an end to the need for it. To restore your tank as good as new:

- First take POR15 Cleaner Degreaser to remove any old fuel and contaminating deposits in your tank

- Secondly prep your tank with POR15 Metal Prep to remove rust, etch the interior surface, and leave a zinc phosphate coating to prevent further rusting

- Once the surface has completely dried apply POR-15 Tank Sealer to plug any small pinhole leak


The POR-15 Car Tank Repair Kit kit contains:

- 1 x 946ml Cleaner Degreaser (was Marine Clean) dissolve and remove gum and varnish that accumalates over the years.

- 1 x 946ml Metal Prep (was Prep and Ready) to remove rust, etch the interior surface, and leave a zinc phosphate coating to prevent further rusting.

- 1 x Petrol Tank Sealer (946ml) that will seal up to 18 US Gallon tank / 15 UK Gallon (68L)

NOT Suitable for Plastic and Fibreglass Tanks

See the "FAQs: What You Need To Know About 3 Steps to Seal An Old Tank with POR15" and "How Do I Seal a Fuel Tank?" articles in the Technical Articles section

Read "Dolly Springs A Leak" and see how Robert sealed his old fuel tank - Reviewed by Practical Classics Magazine (March issue, 2015).

Read "How-To Get Tanked Up with POR15 Fuel Tank Sealer" and see how Dave restore old fuel tank for Project 13/30 - Reviewed by American Car Magazine (April issue, 2016).


Seems to work ok only time will tellReview by Ron
I have carried out the instructions and it all appeared to work ok. The reason I have only given it 3 stars is because the kit only contains 1 quart of marine clean and yet the instructions advises the cleaning process with Marine Clean to be carried out three times. I just did a hot water flush, then Marine Clean and then another hot water flush followed by extensive cold water flushing. Only time will tell if it has worked ok. (Posted on 29/12/2013)
Good solid stuffReview by Alan McMannaman
Quality stuff!!! (Posted on 19/09/2013)
Good stuff but not enough....Review by Proper Job
I had a couple of issues here and they are all related to the first Marine Clean stage of this 3 part process. Firstly I found no fewer than 4 conflicting sets of instructions on this site and one further set on the product's packaging as to how to use it. These instructions range from one 20 minute application of Marine Clean being sufficient to it needing to soak for 24 hours and repeating this process until the detergent comes out as clean as it went in! This poses a (second) problem as this kit comes only with enough Marine Clean for one application. I took delivery of another quart bottle to be safe and applied it half at a time in two stages. this worked well and has made the tank much cleaner. So, as suggested in all but one set of instructions published, to properly clean the tank prior to prep and sealing you need at least twice as much Marine Clean as is supplied in this kit which, as if to further reinforce my point, comes with the same volume of Marine Clean as the motorcycle tank kit... (Posted on 15/05/2013)
Works well!Review by christian
Bought this as the 'delux' kit wasn't available, but can live without the petrol additive! I’ve used the Marine Clean before and it’s really good stuff – removes what most other solutions can’t. The Prep & Ready also works well, had to do a lot of sloshing around and repositioning of the tank to get it to treat all the surfaces. Eventually used the sealer and was pleasantly surprised that it is low odor – I used it in our kitchen. You get most of the sealant back when you drain so I’ve kept it for other things. Does the job! (Posted on 11/12/2012)

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