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Motorcycle Restoration

Once you’ve become enamored to restoring motorbikes, it is a passion which stays with you for life - even when the practicalities of day-to-day life mean you have to swap two roaring wheels for four more sedate ones.

A wedding ring and the patter of tiny feet would, once, have meant packing the bike leathers away for good. But over the last 20 years, the number of ‘mature motorcyclists’ has rocketed - and the popularity of motorcycle restoration is greater than ever.

Perhaps even more so than when embarking on car restoration, it pays to think laterally when preparing to bring a bike back to life.

Pick a motorbike you know you will be able to restore - taking a look around this website will give you a feel for the sort of products around to help you.

Like any restoration project, make your goals achievable: decide how much work you are prepared to do, how often you intend to use the bike and what you really want out of the bike.

There are many motorcycle fan clubs out there, and a quick look through local ‘what’s on’ columns during the summer inevitably throws up bike events when dozens, if not hundreds, of pristine two-wheelers will be on show.

Once you have chosen the motorcycle to restore - and that really can be the fun part with so many different places to look - a hints and tips book is an invaluable companion for when you reach frustrating moments during your labors.

There will be times when you may feel stumped by a problem you hadn’t expected - and that’s where we at Frosts can help.

We pride ourselves on scouring the UK looking for the right accessories to help make your labor of love that little bit easier.

Be it the Yahama 500 V4 from more recent times, or an Ariel Huntmaster from the decades which went before, here at Frost we can help you.

We also stock the equipment you need to make sure that once complete, your bike remains in the condition you have lovingly restored it to.

We know what it means to feel the thrill of the open road on a restored motorcycle - and that thrill only gets better when you know it’s thanks to you that the bike you’re riding is only back on the roads because of you!