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Offering an outstanding range of paints, coatings and equipment, some of which are exclusive to Frost and operating from a 40,000 sqft facility between Manchester and Liverpool just off the A580 East Lancashire road, Frost Industrial is ideally placed to supply all its customer's requirements on a local, national and international basis.

Popular Products

Corrosion Protection
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Sealants / Adhesives / Lubrication
  • POR-15
The Strongest Armour For Concrete Floors.

POR-15 CONCRETE FLOOR ARMOUR will permanently seal your floor, no need for acids, no need to flood your floor with water, just use the degreaser on any heavy oil or grease stains, vacuum away any dust or dirt  and paint right over everything.


XCP Industrial Fluids

Formulated to deliver a range of protection levels, achieved through a variety of film types, ranging from fast drying thin film to slower drying films with waxy finishes.

XCP Expertise

Built on decades of experience in demanding industrial environments, XCP Industrial Rust Preventatives deliver the highest standards in corrosion protection and dewatering for the steel and metal working industries.

XCP Industrial Rust Preventatives

Exhibit extremely strong bonding properties with the surface of the substrate, to deliver powerful corrosion and rust prevention barriers.

XCP Bespoke Product Development

If the products in the existing ranges do not meet your requirements, XCP can offer a bespoke product development service that will ensure the product matches exactly what you are looking for.

XCP Industrial

Frost Ltd - Since 1905

Frost Ltd was established in 1905 in Rochdale Lancashire as a general engineering company but soon became a specialist in sheet metal working machinery. Mr Frost died in 1948 and the company was bought by the Wood family and became a key supplier to the aviation industry.

In the 1980’s the company was spending time advising customers where to find various types of restoration equipment and became experts in sourcing and supplying the very best rust prevention and metal coating systems.

Since then Frost has broadened its range to encompass wood and concrete floor protection thus becoming a one stop specialist for all things restoration and preservation.

Over the past few years more and more companies have been approaching Frost to supply solutions for their maintenance programs from local authorities to multinationals and therefore the next progressive step was to create Frost Industrial firmly establishing it as a market leader able to supply and give the very best advice to all commercial sectors.

Offering an outstanding range of products some of which are exclusive to Frost and operating from a 40,000 sqft facility between Manchester and Liverpool just off the A580 East Lancashire road, Frost is ideally placed to supply all its customer requirements on a local and International basis.

From small cans to big drums contact the Frost Team today and ask for Industrial on 01925 648555, we’re here to supply whatever you need!

Stephen Penketh
Stephen Penketh
Managing Director