How do I roll a VW camper?

A question regarding your product Y620 Body Roller that allows the body of a vehicle to be rolled thus allowing unrestricted access to work. We have recently setup a Volkswagen restoration workshop mainly working on Splitscreen and Bay Campers with the occasional Beetle.

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Step 1: Jack up the car on one side and remove wheels. Attach brackets using your own wheel nuts. The longer of 2 pieces welded on the bracket will be at the top.

Step 2: Attach frame to brackets with the 2 pins and clips

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 on the other axle. Add brace to stabilise the front and rear frames.

Step 4: Lower jack and remove, so the car is standing on the frame. Make sure the battery has been removed, oil and fluid holes have been blanked off.

You are now ready to roll the car over either with and engine hoist or with the assistance of enough people depending on the weight of the vehicle. When the car has been turned over, support the frame with axle stands as below:

* Remember: Maximum weight is 2500kg. Suitable for use with 4 and 5 studs, also some knock on wheels.

Has Body Roller been used for camper vans?

– The Y620 Body Roller does handle the Camper Van, and several are in use with them, but it is as well to note the following: It has a five stud wheel, use only 3 brackets to attach the Y620 Body Roller to each wheel.

– As the balance is more top heavy than a car, it is as well to have someone steady the vehicle from the opposite side as it goes over.

– Remember to remove pottery and beer glasses before rolling!!!!

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