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Glass Polishing/ Windscreen Scratch Repair Kit

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Repair Kit For the removal of hairline scratches, scuffs, water marks, mineral deposits. Can be used on any type of glass surface. Comes with easy to follow step by step instructions

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Polish away light hairline scratches, scuffs, surface marks, water marks, mineral deposits

Ideal solution for DIY repairs Designed to be used with an electric drill recommended of 2000rpm

Can be used on any type of glass surface (including toughened glass) Comes with easy to follow step by step instructions


  • 2'' 50mm Velcro  Backing Pad (with drill attachment)
  • 2 x 2' 50mm Rayon Felt Polishing Pads
  • 50ml Fine  Glass Polishing compound 
  • Polishing Cloth
  • Instructions


Step 1 – Cleaning Make sure glass surface is clean, if it’s not clean use water and the microfiber cloth supplied or soft paper towel to thoroughly clean the glass. Ensure that the glass is checked for any exisiting damage. Unless you are working on toughened glass, if the glass has cracks or chips the repair work may cause the glass to the crack further or break.

Step 2 – Backing Pad Assembly Screwin the backing pad spindle to the back of the backing pad, and then attach the backing pad to a drill. Frost recommends work with an ordinary corded electric drill operating at a speed of 1500-2000rpm.

Step 3 – Polish Pad Assembly & CompoundAttach the velour felt polishing pad to the backing pad, with the back velour side facing the pad and the white side exposed. Add half a teaspoon of glass polishing compound to the middle of the pad.

Step 4 – Glass Polishing StageHold the pad flat against the glass and start the drill. Keeping the pad flat, move slowly from left to right, up and down. Keep a firm, even pressure as you move the pad over the glass. Continue polishing until the slurry is dry and add a small amount of water to the pad or glass and repeat this process as many times as necessary until the glass is visually clear and the damage removed.

Step 5 – Final Clean and Inspection Wipe the surface clean and inspect carefully. The glass surface should now be crystal clear. If this is not the case, then repeat step 4 and check again. Alternatively, if the scratch has not polished out, it could be because the scratch is too deep for this non-abrasive process.


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