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POR-15 Professional Fuel Car Tank Repair Sealer Kit (18 Gallon Tank)

£89.99 S211

POR15 Deluxe Big Fuel Car Tank Repair Sealer Kit

£80.99 S208

Fuel Tank Repair Kits

Fuel Tank Repair Kits from POR-15, Frost and K-Seal. Perfect systems for Stripping, Sealing and Repairing Motorcycle & Car Fuel Tanks. Seal Tanks against fuels containing ethanol.

Use POR-15 Fuel Tank Repair Kit to create a new tank inside your old one. A leaking petrol tank can be lethal, welding a tank is suicidal – this kit will put an end to the need for it. To restore your tank as good as new:

  • First take POR-15 Marine Clean to remove any old fuel and contaminating deposits in your tank,
  • Secondly prep your tank with POR-15 Prep and Ready (formerly Metal Ready).
  • Once the surface has completely dried apply POR-15 Tank Sealer to plug any leaks.

POR-15 This tank repair sealer kit include:

  • 1 x Cleaner Degreaser (was Marine Clean) to dissolve and remove gum and varnish that accumulates over the years;
  • 1 x Metal Prep (was Prep and Ready) to remove rust, etch the interior surface, and leave a zinc phosphate coating to prevent further rusting.
  • 1 x POR-15 Petrol Tank Sealer
  • Brush in case it is necessary to externally reinforce any badly corroded areas.
  • Complete with full instructions.

POR-15 Kit is NOT Suitable for Plastic and Fibreglass Tanks
POR-15 Fuel Preservative and Stabiliser not included with these repair kits.

POR-15 Motorcycle Tank Repair kit contains everything you need to repair and restore any small fuel tank up to 3 3/4 UK Gallon (17L).
POR-15 Professional Fuel Car Tank Repair Sealer Kit repairs and restores any fuel tank up to 15 UK Gallon (68L).
POR-15 Deluxe Big Fuel Tank Repair Kit repairs and restores any fuel tank up to 15 UK Gallon (68L) and includes Fuel Preservative + Stabiliser.

Need advice about which Fuel Tank Repair kit is right for you? Call Lee on 01925648555 for expert advice.

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