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The Frost Auto Corporate Membership Programme is a complimentary programme that offers a great discount to cars and bikes clubs members. The offers is applied to most of our products*, both online (main website) and offline (phone, post, in-store). You will also receive our latest promotions throughout the year. (T&C apply)

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After you fill in the form, if your club IS enrolled in our programme, you will soon receive our confirmation email with a unique discount code. Simple is that!  

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Once you received our confirmation email, your discount will be applied to your order during checkout. Please remember, you must be logged in with your Online Account to receive your offer on our website.


*General Terms & Conditions:

Along with our specific T&C to individual clubs,

- You must be able to provide your Club name and valid membership numbers.

- Not valid in conjunction with other offer codes.

- Excludes product codes prefixed with the "Y" "SP", "FP" codes