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Eastwood ExoArmour

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Wipe on, spray or dip to protect bare metal, paint, fibreglass and more. This easy to apply clear coating will protect almost anything from corrosion, UV damage, and more. Originally developed for military and aviation applications, this tough flexible coating has been tested for 2000 F degree temperature, and 4000 hours of salt spray resistance. It won’t yellow, crack or peel, and isn’t affected by solvents or chemicals. Great for keeping polished aluminum at its mirror finish best. Use it to protect metal brake and fuel lines, as well as other under car parts. Protects without adding a glossy finish.

A nearly impervious coating for protecting nearly any surface without adding a glossy finish. Meets EPA requirements with no chromates or lead ingredients. Remains flexible and clear, and won’t yellow with time. Great for car and motorcycle parts, as well as boats, stainless steel appliances, patio furniture, brass doorknobs and more.


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Wipe on, spray or dip to protect bare metal, paint, fibreglass and more.

  • Easy to apply - Wipe on, spray on, or dip
  • Protects bare metal, plastic, fiberglass, ceramic and painted surfaces
  • Tested to 2000F degree for temperature resistance
  • Passed 4000 hour salt spray test
  • Unaffected by MEK and other solvents

4 oz covers approximately 110 square feet.

Kit includes ExoArmour coating, rubber gloves and lint free application wiper.


  • Eastwood ExoArmour is a two-component formulation with some very unique properties which require special attention and handling during the mixing stage before application. When Part A and Part B are combined, they will initially repel each other as will oil and water. It may require up to 1 full hour of periodic stirring to fully become hydrolyzed. At this point the mixture will have an opaque, yellowish appearance. This is completely normal.
  • The Eastwood ExoArmour must be applied in a very thin film. A cured film thickness of 0.0003" is normal. If higher film thickness is desired, apply in multiple coats.
  • The surface to be coated with Eastwood ExoArmour must be thoroughly cleaned and completely free of any oily deposits, polishes or any type of surface contaminates. Use Eastwood #10041Z PRE, Pre-Painting Prep or a good quality acetone. Failure to do so will diminish the products’ ability to offer full protection.
  • Apply Eastwood Exo-Armour in temperatures above 70°F [21° C] and humidity less than 70%.
  • Eastwood Exo-Armour should be allowed to fully cure for 5 full days before subjecting film to abrasion or rough contact.
  • If Eastwood Exo-Armour must be removed, use chemical strippers or abrasive blasting.


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