Whiteside 40″ Either End Adjustable Creeper

£234.00 MLT2UP

Whiteside Large Padded Shop Seat

£149.99 HRS

Whiteside 40″ Fully Padded Adjustable Headrest Creeper

£139.99 MTLV6ADJP

Whiteside 40″ Fully Padded Creeper

£119.99 MTLV6P
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Whiteside Mechanic’s Seat

£89.99 HRS2

Whiteside Mechanic’s Seat

£69.99 SPP25B
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Whiteside Mechanic’s Seat with Swing Tray

£89.99 SPP25DTB
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Creepex Fastback PRO Creeper

£259.99 FBC343658
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Workshop / Garage Floor Creepers & Mechanic’s Seats

You can now buy Workshop and Garage Floor Creepers here at Frost Auto Restoration Techniques. We stock The Best Creepers manufactured by Whiteside Creepers USA and the Awesome New Heavy Duty Fastback PRO by Creepex.


Our most popular and best selling garage creeper is the Whiteside 40″ Creeper with Fully Adjustable Headrest. With a 3/4″ powder-coated steel tube frame and heavy-duty plywood board, this Whiteside Creeper is built to last. You’ll notice the agility and comfort of this American-manufactured automotive creeper as you glide around the garage floor with ease upon the heavy-duty vinyl padding and six 2-1/2″ oil-resistant swivel rollers. With a 258kg weight capacity and a ground clearance of 31mm this creeper is an essential addition to any workshop or garage.

We also stock Whiteside’s standard 40″ Fully Padded Creeper which has a very similar spec….aside from the adjustable headrest!


Widely described as a game-changer, the Creepex Fastback PRO creeper is an ultra-stable three-wheeled heavy duty creeper with 2 position off-road ground clearance. The HDPR Shock Proof Body, soft Polyurethane headrest and 7-inch dual bearing All-Terrain wheels – not to mention the dual built-in trays, ergonomic shape, powerful LED work lights and a robust TPU Skid Bumper make the FastBack Pro a Creeper to rely on!


If it’s a Mechanic’s seat you’re interested in, we currently stock 3 variations from Whiteside. The best selling Mechanic’s seat is currently Whiteside’s Mechanic’s Seat with Swing Tray  The frame is constructed out of 1″ steel tubing and the board is heavy-duty plywood.  The middle swing-out tray adds 1070mm² in storage space and allows for easy access to tools and small parts while working. Set upon 4 x 2 1/2″ oil-resistant castors, with a weight capacity of 172kg and a ground clearance of 6.3cm this smooth-rolling garage essential will make working on your vehicle more comfortable and efficient.

Happy Creeping!

Fastback Pro Creeper

The Fastback Pro – Is this the Best Creeper Ever?