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Complete Langka Paint Chip and Scratch Repair Kit

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If you can catch your fingernail in a scratch or chip, then this is the product you need to repair these unsightly areas.

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Langka the Blob Eliminator is the profesionnal way to repair those paint chips!

If you have a chipped paint surface or exposed metal surface - clean the area thoroughly, use a matchstick or brush to apply some touch-up paint to the chip, allow it to dry, typically 45-90 minutes.

This will leave the usual blob of touch-up paint visible on the surface.

- Wrap a smooth cloth around the included buffing card .

- Apply LANGKA generously to the flat surface .

- Rub LANGKA over the blob for 15-30 seconds allowing it to penetrate and begin smoothing the blob of excess paint.

- Once the touch-up paint blob begins to wear off, rub gently until the excess paint is gone but paint is left inside the chip or scratch.

Note: Not recommended on lacquer painted (vehicles from 1920-1965).

Complete Langka Chip Kit includes "the Blob Eliminator" (2oz), Paint Sealant (2oz), 3 micro burshes, plastic squeegee card, and instruction.


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