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POR15 Cleaner Degreaser (Marine Clean) 3.78 litres

Product Code : S203

POR-15 Cleaner and Degreaser (Marine Clean) cleans and degreases in one application without leaving residues, noxious fumes or flammable solvents.

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Product Description


POR15 Cleaner Degreaser (was Marine Clean) is a highly concentrated, industrial strength water-based alkaline cleaner and degreaser.

It cleans and degreases in one application without leaving residues, noxious fumes or flammable solvents.

2 Sizes Available:

- Also available US Quart (946ml)

- This is US Gallon (3.78 litres)

POR-15 Cleaner and Degreaser can be used to:

- Remove grease, oil, mildew, algae, musty odours, soap films and wax.

- Clean canvas, vinyl, nylon, holding tanks, grease taps, auto parts and more.

- Remove rust stains from porcelain sinks, toilets and tubs.

- Dilute with hot water to remove oil, petrol deposits in old tanks and grease deposits.

Great for cleaning the engine, removes mildew and staining from all surfaces.

Applications: Engine - Transmissions - Frames - Suspension components - Holding and water tanks - Rubber, Nylon, Vinyl - Floor pans - Grease traps - Water line scum - Fuel tanks - Galleys - Clothing, and more...

CLeaner Degreaser

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UnequalledReview by Whithorn17
I've used this for some time for all manner of jobs around the car and home . It's organic so you don't need to worry about what you use it on . Fantastic for plastic car trim of all sorts and brilliant to restore tile grout in the home . It goes without saying that it is far superior to gunk as a degreaser . (Posted on 13/10/2016)
Surely the best cleaner degreaser on the marketReview by Jonathan
Absolutely brilliant product. Have used it for all manner of these tasks with complete peace of mind.
In particular, just used it to clean and degrease the surround of my garage pit to prepared ready for using POR 15 on the rusty steelwork, and yellow Hardnose on the surrounding floor.
Given the incredibly small amount of this solution required to achieve the total de-greasing required, the stuff is truly amazing. In total, for two passes of the whole upper pit area I needed about a quarter of a plastic coffee cup diluted 1:8 with hot water - and probably didn't need even that much.
Can't recommend it highly enough. (Posted on 27/07/2014)

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