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Cad-Zinc Plating - Complete Kit 5 Litre

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Contains All You Need to Electroplate prepared Iron, Steel, Brass or Copper items with Cad Zinc
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Cad-zn is a highly protective zinc based metal finish deposited onto iron, steel, brass or copper. Not only does it provide an excellent barrier between the underlying metal and atmospheric attack, but also will act in a sacrificial manner where the zinc will corrode instead of the base metal due to galvanic action. This makes it the metal of choice to deposit onto ferrous items where rust prevention and protection is required.

The finish produced by this kit is similar to that produced by cadmium plating, which is now not available due to the health hazards connected to the cadmium plating process. The kit utilises modern electronics to ensure correct current flow in the plating tank which is vital for correct deposit of the plating metal.

The system includes a variable low voltage power supply for safety, and to avoid the many issues involved in using a battery, or alternative power source.


Plating tank, 1 cad-zn solution 5l, 1 set cad-zn anodes(2), tank support rod set, support clip set, crocodile lead set, power supply, control unit, 1 post plate dip tank, 1 post plate dip solution 5l, scourer powder, mask, gloves, eye protection glasses, cleaning cloth and instructions.


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