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POR15 POR Patch (118ml)

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POR Patch is a thicker version of the world-famous POR-15 Rust Preventative Paint for filling seams or holes.
2 colours: Black or White

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Product Description


For years our customers have asked us for a thicker version of our world-famous POR-15 for filling seams or holes. Here it is! POR PATCH BLACK is, quite literally, POR-15 Rust Preventative Paint  in a tube, and like POR-15 it dries as hard as a rock, remains flexible, and once dry is totally impervious to fuels and solvents.

It's so tough it actually adds strength to weakened metal. And it won't absorb moisture and swell like conventional body fillers. Try it yourself, it's incredible!

Apply Right Over Rust or Metal


  • Permanently seal seam
  • Patch holes in steel, wood or plastics
  • Repair loose furniture joints, concrete and cinder blocks
  • Bond steel to plastic, wood or concrete
  • Fix holes in fuel tanks

Available in Black (S470) and White (S475).

por15 por patch

POR PATCH is a thick, pudding-like substance which acts as a total rust inhibitor and is also very effective as a metal filler. PorPatch can be easily brushed, or troweled. It chemically bonds to rusted steel to form a rockhard, non-porous coating that won't crack, chip, or peel.

Because it is actually POR-15 in a thickened state, it works by isolating metal from moisture; without moisture present, steel can't rust. PorPatch is easier and less expensive to apply than epoxies because it doesn't require mixing. Since PorPatch actually bonds chemically to metal, the underlying surface does not have to be sanded before application. As long as loose or flaking rust is removed from the surface, an application of PorPatch will not only cover up the rust and prevent it from spreading, but will strengthen the underlying metal and seal holes by forming its own membranes.

PORPATCH is a highly concentrated version of world famous POR-15 Rust Preventive Paint. Through new blending technology, we have added solids, reduced the solvent carrier, and homogenized the resulting blend into a thick, workable paste which can be troweled from a can or squeezed from a tube. A cured mass of PorPatch is virtually indestructible, yet it will remain flexible and won't crack or chip. Because i's non-porous, PorPatch can totally seal seams like no other product, and like regular POR-15, it can be applied directly to rusted surfaces.

POR-PATCH is the ultimate filler. It hardens like steel, but won't chip or crack. It has the consistency of chocolate pudding and can be used to repair concrete and cinderblock. It will fi ll holes in steel, wood, plastic; it is waterproof and non-porous. As a moisture barrier, PorPatch is unsurpassed and its bonding characteristics to cured concrete far exceed those of cement and other patching compounds. It will not crack or fracture even when pounded on with the heaviest mallet! PorPatch is also a heavy-duty adhesive and can be used to bond plastic to steel or concrete or wood.

Use PorPatch to repair broken, cracked concrete, cement walkways; dock maintenance: make waterproof patches to repair pre-formed concrete where moisture has penetrated through cement patches and caused rusting of rebar and expansion through freezing; waterproof concrete tanks, repair joints where railings have loosened from their concrete base.

PorPatch is impervious to all fuels and can be used for exterior repairs to fuel tanks along with standard fuel tank repair. PorPatch dries to the touch in about 4 hours, but full cure may take 96 hours(4 days) or more, depending on the thickness applied.


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