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Adhesionaid Interior Pre-adhesion Aid (400ml, Aerosol)

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If treating semi-rigid, polythene and polypropylene plastics it is essential to use Adhesionaid before applying Liquid Plastic.

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Remove dirt, grease and silicones from vinyl or leather surfaces with Interior clean. Paint or lacquer with Interior Prep.

The unique coating actually penetrates the surface and changes the pigmentation. When finished the grain of vinyl or leather is intact, it does not crack or peel. Afterwards, leather can be fed with hide food and will retain its natural aroma.

Preparation is simple:

- Clean the interior by removing dirt, grease and silicones with Plastikleen.

- Dampen a clean, soft, lint free cloth with Plasticprep and wipe over the surface to be treated to remove all traces of any other previously applied products which might impair the bonding of the liquid plastic. This should leave the surface slightly tacky.

Do not touch the surface again at the stage as it may become contaminated again.

- If treating semi-rigid, polythene and polypropylene plastics it is essential to use Adhesionaid before applying Liquid Plastic.

Allow Plastic prep to dry before spraying. Shake the can thoroughly and apply a thin coat of Adhesion aid.

Allow Adhesionaid to dry (12 minutes at 20 degree C) before applying Liquid Plastic.

- Spray Interior Coat Liquid Plastic 400ml Aerosol or 1L Tin for permanent, colourfast and weatherproof transformation.

Check a small test area first before applying. After 15 minutes test by placing sticky tape on applied area. Upon removal there should be no liquid Plastic on tape.

Apply in mist coats only, allowing 5-10 minutes flash off time between coats.

Depending on the original colour between 2 and 3 evenly applied coats should cover the substrate.

Do no attempt to cover in one coat or apply in thick coats.

Liquid Plastic can be handled after 10-15 minutes and fully cures in 16-20 hours depending on the ambient temperature and humidity. Heat will reduce the drying times.

High humidity or damp conditions can lead to poor adhesion and/or a blooming effect.

Interior Coat available in 6 colours and 2 different sizes. 6 colours available: Black, Biscuit, Off White, Light Grey, Navy Blue, Red and White.


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