What does XCP stand for?

A. It stands for Xtra Corrosion Protection – XCP.  Corrosion and rust protection runs through our DNA and we have been protecting equipment against corrosion for more than 20 years.

What do the XCP Professional products do?

A.  XCP ONE is a multi-purpose maintenance spray, designed to loosen, lubricate, displace moisture, clean and protect.  XCP GREEN ONE does exactly the same thing, but it is made from bio-based ingredients that are renewable, sustainable and bio-degradable.  XCP Rust Blocker is a soft anti-corrosive compound that lays down a soft coating that provides extremely long lasting protection against rust and corrosion.  XCP Lubricate & Protect is a long lasting lubricant spray.  It is built to withstand pressure, reduce friction and minimise wear.  Finally, XCP Chain Lubricant, well…it’s a chain lubricant :-).  It’s high performance mind you, as penetrates the links and sprockets to lay down an ultra-thin film which provides long lasting lubrication, and protection against corrosion.  Not only that, but it’s not sticky like other chain lubricants out there (that act effectively like a grinding paste) and won’t ‘fling off’ the chain!

What’s the difference between the spray can and the trigger bottle?

A. The aerosol can is a pressurised container, meaning that there is force behind the application.  The liquid that you end up with is itself is exactly same, whether it comes from the bottle or the can, but they do give a different spray pattern.  It depends what you are looking for.  In the case of XCP Rust Blocker, the aerosol provides a fine mist.  Due to the viscosity of the liquid, the bottle can do the same thing (without the propellant), so we would recommend the bottle for applications where you are going to wipe down, brush or dip the product.

How is XCP different to WD40?

A. XCP ONE and GREEN ONE are designed to do exactly the same jobs as products like WD40, only they do them much better! Both ONE and GREEN ONE have been shown to loosen and lubricate around twice as effectively compared to WD40. Where WD40 is made from volatile ingredients and evaporates quite quickly, both XCP ONE and GREEN ONE are non-volatile. They stay around and keep working for much longer!

How is XCP Rust Blocker different to products like ACF-50?

A. XCP Rust Blocker is a soft corrosion protection compound, meaning that it never dries hard.  It dries to a soft tack, leaving it flexible and ensuring it doesn’t ‘crack’.  It also means it can also be removed if required for temporary protection (using a light solvent like white spirit).  It will certainly last longer than ACF-50, as we have demonstrated with the industry standard ‘Salt Fog Testing’ (ASTM B117).

How long should i leave XCP ONE / XCP GREEN ONE on before i attempt to loosen something?

A. It really depends on the application.  How stuck is it?!  If you don’t get the immediate result you are looking for then we would always recommend repeat application.  In extreme cases, it may be required to leave the product soaking for a prolonged period, like overnight.

Will applying XCP ONE / GREEN ONE on consecutive days help to loosen particularly stubborn bolts etc?

A. Yes, definitely!  Although we would hope to do the job much quicker!

How often should i spray XCP Lubricant on my chain?

A. It depends on how much you are using your chain, whether it’s a on a motorbike, go-kart, pedal bike or any other application.  XCP Chain Lubricant is long lasting, but like anything with movement and pressure, reapplication will be required from time to time to ensure smooth and optimal maintenance of the chain.  Keep an eye on it.  A little goes a long way, but reapply when you see the chain drying out.

Will XCP protect against rust i.e should i spray XCP on equipment in a preventative manner?

A. All of the XCP Professional products will provide corrosion / rust protection to various degrees.  Starting with XCP ONE and GREEN ONE, these will give light corrosion protection.  If it’s longer lasting protection you are after, or you are looking to provide protection in a very corrosive environment, then we would recommend XCP Rust Blocker.

I don’t know whether to use the XCP ONE or XCP GREEN ONE, is there any difference in performance?

A. Both products are designed to do exactly the same things, that is loosen, lubricate, clean & protect and displace moisture.  The only difference is that XCP GREEN ONE is made from renewable, sustainable and bio-degradable ingredients, making it the environmentally friendly option!