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Extra Polishing Powder for Windscreen/Glass Scratch Repair Kit (100g)

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Extra Polishing Powder for Windscreen Scratch Repair Kit

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M.O.T. regulations could mean your car will fail its inspection because of a scratched windscreen.

Now though, you can restore your glass with this glass polishing kit and your electric drill. Polishes away scratches caused by windscreen wipers, car washes, and even the local cat. Instructions included.

Extra Polishing Powder and Spare Polishing Pad for Windscreen Scratch Repair Kit also available.

Extra Polishing Powder available in 2 sizes: 100g and 1 kilo.


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    Used correctly, this kit will polish away light scratches by wiper blades, washing sponges, frost scrapers etc

    1. Obtain a wide topped container large enough to take the polishing pad (a clean plastic margarine tub will do)

    2. Mix powder in ration one part powder to three parts water, mixing thoroughly. Place the polishing pad in the mixture and leave for five minutes.

    3. Clean the area to be repaired and remove all traces of dirt

    4. Using the marking crayon, mark the position of the scratch on the opposite side of the glass (this will act as a guide when polishing)

    5. Fix the pad in the chuck of an electric drill, maximum speed 1,500rpm.

    6. Start the drill and apply the face of the rotating pad to the scratch, moving the pad with a rocking motion along the length of the scratch
    (Do not keep the pad in cotact with the glass for more than 20 seconds at a time or too much heat will build up)

    7. Keep the polishing pad wetted with the mixture and periodically wipe the area being polished with the wet sponge to see if the scratch is still present.

    8. When the scratch has been removed, wipe the residue from the glass with a wet sponge. Use a small amount of the mixture on a cloth to remove the pencil mark.

    9. Wash the polishing pad in water and store in a plastic bag.


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