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POR15 High Temp Aluminium Heat Resistant Paint (POR-20 Aluminium) US Pint (473ml)

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Product code: P116


POR15 High Temp Aluminium (aka POR-20) Heat Resistant Paint is guaranteed up to 760°C without peeling or flaking. Can even be used on turbochargers

POR-15 high temperature coating is extremely resistant to the weather including salt and moisture.

Two thin coats are recommended the first is air dried the second is cured at 150°C either in an oven or by the engine.

Can be brushed or sprayed. Use POR 15 Solvent to thin. Lacquer thinner may be used for cleanup.

Available: Aerosol 15oz, 236ml, 473ml (US Pint), 946ml (US Quart)

Product Attachments

View FilePOR15 Manifold Grey, Black Velvet & POR20 Aluminium - Application    Size: (172.59 KB)

Product Attachments

View FilePOR-20 Heat Resistant Paint - MSDS    Size: (78.65 KB)
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