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POR15 Fuel Preservative & Stabilizer 250ml

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If your car sits for 2 months or more gums and varnishes start to form due to oxidation of the fuel.
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If your car sits for 2 months or more gums and varnishes start to form due to oxidation of the fuel. Combustibility is reduced, as is octane value and overall efficiency. Fuel lines, nozzles and jets, get clogged.

When you add POR-15 Fuel Preservative and Stabilizer to your tank oxygen is chemically isolated (preventing oxidation) and corrosive compounds are neutralised (stopping rust formation).

Keeps Petrol or Diesel fresh for 2 years or more, and cleans as it protects.

Contains NO alcohol. Use 30ml per 11.34 litres for normal maintenance, or 30ml per 3.78 litres  to thoroughly clean your fuel system.

Significant benefits include quick starting, elimination of fuel system overhaul due to storage problems, and retention of original octane performance. This cleaning action is accomplished without the use of solvents, which most other products contain.

Open container slowly to avoid pressure release, which may occasionally occur at high altitudes. Point container away from face when opening.
To Use, Squeeze and Pour Bottle:
1: Remove cap
2: Squeeze bottle to fill chamber to desired amount.
3: Pour. Only measured amount will be released.
Make sure POR-15 Gasoline Preservative/Stabilizer is
mixed thoroughly in the tank; then operate engine for 5 - 10 minutes so that treated gasoline can travel through fuel lines and carburetor.

See the How Do I Seal a Fuel Tank? article in the How Do I section

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