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REVIEW: Soft Top Hood Restoration - How To - Thanks Renovo!

Project oMG!

Old canvas soft top



We’ve been working very hard on bringing our £280 17-year old MGF VVC back to health but the poor old hood had been a little neglected, so we decided to do something about it. The marvellous products of RENOVO were called for…

(Total Kit Car Magazine, Track Kit Custom, September/October, 2013)

Our MGF’s hood was a bit forlorn and sad-looking. Some of the previous eight owners had clearly lavished a noholds barred budget at the little two-seater whereas some hadn’t. The soft top though had been neglected over the years and had taken on a faded look with areas of
mildew beginning to show. Due to a cushion’s worth of long white cat hairs all over it when we bought the car, it had been used as a feline bed for a period of time, which might also explain the couple of small holes in its surface. These had been hastily bodged with some black gasket sealant, by a former owner, which look a bit odd, but do the trick. In reality our budget dictated that the new hood required was out of reach, as was a decent used item, which command around £400, so we’d use alternative means to bring it back to health. The king of the hill, as far as hood restoration treatments are concerned is RENOVO, so a call went into the company’s MD Patrick Coghlan and the result was the arrival, a few days later, of a parcel containing a hood revival kit… Our pictorial feature plots our progress…

Renovo Soft Top Kit

Renovo Soft Top Cleaner

Renovo colour reviver

Renovo Ultra Proofer

Renovo final result

*All prices have been up-dated.

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