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Black Plasti Dip Spray (311ml)

Product Code : S221BLACK

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For added convenience when you have larger areas to cover, use Plasti Dip Spray.
Wherever Metal Is Attacked - Plasti Dip Performs! The Multi Purpose Rubber Coating PLASTI DIP has thousands of uses for the mechanic, electrician, gardener, plumber or Do it Yourselfer.
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*** When it's gone, it's gone. For more exciting colours with high-build fomular for a better finish, please check out our alternative brands Elastiwrap and Liquid Wrap ***

Wherever Metal Is Attacked - Plasti Dip Performs!

NOTE: When brushing or spraying Plasti Dip with airless spray equipment, use Plasti-Dip Thinner for best results.

The Multi Purpose Rubber Coating PLASTI DIP has thousands of uses for the mechanic, electrician, gardener, plumber or Do it Yourselfer.

Plasti Dip retains its elasticity even under the harshest conditions: this has to be one of the most flexible coatings you can imagine. Simply dip the item and allow to dry, the more you dip the thicker the coating.

FEATURES: - Air dry, synthetic rubber coating that can be easily applied by spraying, brushing or dipping. - Tough hard working finish that will not crack, chip or peel - Protects and insulates - Adheres to metal, plastic, rope, wood, wire, glass concrete even rubber. - Resists moisture, salt water even battery acid, acids, abrasion, weathering, electrical shock, skidding/slipping, corrosion; - Coats and gives a comfortable, controlled, color coded grip to all types of tools; lawn and garden, mechanical, electrical, woodworking and masonry.

CAR BODY SHOPS AND AUTOMOTIVE APPLICATIONS: steering wheels, metal studs, mounting brackets, battery trays, magnetic, rubber boots, plastic fender flares, rocker panels, manifold parts, tyre irons, clutch and brake levers, speakers and throttle control panels.

PLASTI DIP CAN ALSO BE APPLIED TO: - Wood: seals and protects from weathering and prevents splinters. - Metal: reduces vibration, deadens sound, prevents corrosion, insulates electrically and from extreme temperatures. - Glass: shatterproofs glass objects (available in clear). - Rope/Fabrics: weatherproofs, prevents rotting and fraying. - Plastics: protects delicate surfac es from scratches. - Rubber: weatherproofs, wear resistant. - Maps: weatherproofs, tear resistant (available in clear).

ADDITIONAL APPLICATION IDEAS: Tranformers Cables / Straps - Rope Wood - Joy Sticks Circuit Boards - Electrical Boxes placed on the ground Magnets - Stove/Oven handles Fabric - LaCrosse Sticks/Nets Astro Turf - Food Grade Barrels - Crutch Handles - Control Boxes Relay Electric Wench - Metal Grates Sharp edges - Pumps Hand – Tools - Valves / Actuators Curtains - Pulleys & Rings Clips - Poles Glass - Underground tanks Pipes - Hardware & Metal surfaces to prevent electrical discharge & sparks.


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